In the library, they are accessible to internal and external users at the computer stations of the research room, Floor -1 and via Wireless.
However, internal users can access this set of databases outside the Library (via VPN installation).

A free, biomedical database produced by the NLM (National Library of Medicine, USA) contains bibliographical references and abstracts of more than 5,000 journal titles. It contains references of articles published since 1966 covering the areas of medicine, biomedicine, nursing, veterinary and related sciences. The database update is constant. Lets search for articles in full text of journals that integrate PubMedCentral.
Through PubMed you can access the journals full text articles from the publishers that integrate the national b-on platform and journals subscribed by NMS|FCM, but only if you are in the Library or have installed the VPN to access remotely.

NLM Database, accessible free of charge, provides bibliographic references and summaries of evidence-based clinical articles in the area of Health. Includes an updated rubric with systematic journal articles from the last month, here. Through PubMedHealth you can access the full text of magazine articles from the publishers that integrate the national b-on platform, but only if you are in the NMS|FCM library or have installed the VPN.

It is accessible at FCM through the national b-on platform. It is one of the tools of bibliographic research used in the quantification of scientific production referenced at international level, allowing the evaluation of national systems, institutions and scientific researchers. Includes over 8500 multidisciplinary scientific journals. It includes a set of databases associated to the bibliographical and bibliometric information platforms namely Web of Science and Journal of Citation Reports.

A multidisciplinary database of bibliographical references and citation information includes the Science Citation Index [identifies citations (times cited) to articles]


A multidisciplinary database, updated weekly, contains bibliographic information, including summaries of articles from leading journals and books, since 1998. It includes 7000 sites selected and commented by experts.

Database with bibliometric information (number of articles published, number of citations, impact factor, etc.) on the main scientific journals.

The Library provides access to the SPRINGER PROTOCOLS database through an UNL subscription. It is the largest online database of laboratory protocols in the field of biomedicine and life sciences.

All protocols were written by experts from the various scientific areas represented, reviewed by editors, and a Springer editorial board from various areas.

Thematic areas covered: Biochemistry; Bioinformatics; Biotechnology; Cancer Research; Cell Biology Genetics; Imaging; Immunology; Infectious Diseases; Microbiology; Molecular Medicine; Neuroscience; Pharmacology; Plant Sciences; Protein Science.

Multidisciplinary abstracts and citations database brings together scientific journals, books, and conference papers (reviewed by peers).

(VPN must be installed if you want to access remotely)