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The Comprehensive Health Research Centre (CHRC) is a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional and comprehensive new research centre aimed at supporting, developing and fostering clinical, public health and health services research. The other CHRC pillars and central activities are health education and training; innovation, digital and entrepreneurship.

CHRC mission is to produce robust evidence to improve current clinical practice, health policy and healthcare services organization. To ensure that the research reaches its audience CHRC is also committed to patient health education and empowerment and exploiting research findings into commercial applications.

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It gathers 125 integrated PhD researchers, 60 PhD students, 48 integrated non-PhD researchers and technicians, and 47 collaborators from 26 different institutions, backgrounds and skills.

CHRC researchers have a large record of successful achievements on observational studies, clinical trials, health economic assessments, health services and outcomes research, database management, pharmacogenetics, health applications for information technologies, education and training. These skills are applied to study health promotion and lifestyles, high burden and high mortality diseases.