CHRC - Central activities and Support departments (Roots and Stalk)

CHRC researchers will be supported by technical and administrative departments.

Administrative department includes management department, financial, human resources, fundraising, research funding office, legal and regulatory affairs, ethics, communication, international and institutional relationships, patient associations and community interface.

Technical department, composed by specialized offices, include:

Education and training:

  • Centre of Education and Training;
  • Advance Simulation Health Training Centre.

Health Applied Research:

  • Statistics & Modelling Support Centre;
  • Cochrane Portugal Centre;
  • CHRC Biobank;
  • Genetic Lab;
  • Novacru;
  • PtCRIN.


  • Technology Transfer Centre. 

CHRC’s model of governance is organized in 3 levels:

1) Board of Directors at the strategic level. Composed by the Coordinator (NMS|FCM), a representative of each management unit. This Board is responsible for plan and overall strategic decisions, budgets and financial reports approval;

2) Executive Committee as the key player managing CHRC activities, directly supported by the unit´s management team monitoring programs progress, its resource utilization and carrying out accounting and reporting roles;

3) External Advisory Committee, a board of scientists and health stakeholders acting as external advisers, suggesting areas of reinforcement and evaluating project goals and deliverables.