CHRC - Mission

CHRC mission is to produce robust scientific evidence to improve current clinical practice, health policy and healthcare services organization. The main objectives for 2018-22 are:

1. To strengthen the research team with the aim of stablishing an intellectual power-house in the key research areas of the CHRC;

2. To enhance problem-oriented and interdisciplinary research and to foster collaborative projects;

3. To provide support for clinical, public health and epidemiological research. Help researchers to conduct safe and successful studies with children and adults;

4. To increase the ability to attract public and private funding;

5. To create opportunities for advanced teaching and training for researchers and students;

6. To deliver community health services and enhance population health literacy;

7. To expand the international network of research and become an international leader;

8. To transfer knowledge and technology;

9. To promote international visibility and open scientific culture.