CHRC - Thematic lines

The members of the team will investigate, collaborate and teach across 4 thematic lines (I-IV) and 17 research groups (1-17):

I. Health Promotion, population health and lifestyle;
   1. Environmental and occupational health;
   2. Nutrition and health promotion;
   3. Exercise, sports sciences and human development;
   4. Sleep, chronobiology and sleep disorders;
   5. Smoking and addictions;
   6. Healthy and active ageing;

II. High burden and high mortality diseases;
   7. Cardiovascular and respiratory;
   8. Musculoskeletal;
   9. Mental health determinants, needs and interventions;
   10. Sensation and hearing disorders;
   11. Clinical studies in immune dysregulation from pregnancy to adulthood;
   12. Infection, sepsis and antibiotics resistance;

III. Health policies and healthcare services research;
   13. Patient-centered care research;
   14. Efficiency, incentives and sustainability;
   15. Health services research and equity;
   16. Global and population mental health;

IV. Health innovation;
   17. Health innovation, digital health and entrepreneurship;