Eco-Escolas Program



NOVA Medical School|Faculty of Medical Sciences has been an Eco-School (Eco-Escola) since 2015, recognized by ABAE (European Blue Flag Association), having since then symbolically received the Green Eco-School Flag.

Eco-Escola is an international program developed in Portugal since 1996 by ABAE, which aims to encourage actions and recognize the quality work developed by educational institutions, within the scope of Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development. This program provides methodology, training, teaching materials, support and framework for the work developed by the institutions.

At NMS, several activities are carried out every year that involve the entire community and that promote the values defended by the Program. The NMS Eco-Escola Council, currently composed of 6 students, 4 teachers and 6 non-teachers, meets quarterly to plan activities to be implemented, in a perspective of continuous improvement and adapted to the reality of the faculty. The great commitment and involvement of students, who are aware of this reality, has been the greatest contribution to the realization of this Program at NMS.

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See the NMS Eco-Escolas report for activities developed in 2018.

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In 2020, NMS will apply for the 1st “EcoCampus Portugal” Award, to be attributed to the institutions that are already part of the Eco-Escolas in Higher Education network (colleges, higher schools, universities and polytechnics). This will be a challenge in the adoption of the “7 steps” methodology, actively involving the various valences of the “campus”, streamlining the implementation of the principles of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and contributing to the achievement of the the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This award is aligned internationally with the FEE EcoCampus network.

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