NMS signs a new protocol aiming the optimization and qualification of “Healthy Buildings”

On July 21, 2020, the partnership protocol was signed between NOVA Medical School (NMS), from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, the Associação Portuguesa de Promotores e Investidores Imobiliários (APPII) and VICTORIA Seguros.

To ensure that physical spaces promote the health of those who inhabit or use them, the Living Lab will focus on applied research in the ecosystem and the development of a process of optimization and qualification of "Healthy Buildings", making Real Estate an important catalyst for Human Sustainability.

The recent attention to climate change, ecology, the environment and its implications for Human Life, and in particular the current pandemic crisis, imposed the need to look at the building as a determinant for individual and community health.

With an interdisciplinary, collaborative, equitable and plural profile, this Living Lab will promote methodologies and strategies for building optimization, with a view to the health of its occupants.

Assinatura Pública Evento Protocolar Parcerias da Cátedra VICTORIA Seguro Jul 22 2020