Integrated Master Degree in Medicine


The Integrated Master Degree in Medicine of NOVA Medical School, with a total of 360 credits and 12 curricular semesters of work, incorporates two complementary training cycles:

I) The first cycle of study aims to obtaining 180 ECTS, distributed in the first six semesters of the curriculum, for a total of 5040 hours of student work.

II) The second cycle of study aims to obtaining the remaining 180 ECTS, equally distributed over six curricular semesters, for a total of 5040 hours of student work.



At the end of the syllabus the student must acquire the necessary competences for the professional practice of Medicine such as:

- Data collection in the various clinical situations; Elaboration of clinical reasoning in order to formulate provisional and definitive diagnoses;

- Clinical decision-making;

- Development and deepening of autonomy skills in order to allow a careful selection of lifelong learning pathways;

- Development of competences in the field of clinical research in the formulation and execution of studies and in the communication of results to the scientific community and the general public. 


Professional Outlets

The doctors trained by NMS will have as their main professional outlets the clinical career (hospital, general and family medicine), public health, legal and occupational medicine, but they can also embark on the career of Research and Teaching.






Prof. Carlos Filipe