Management Board


Professor Jaime da Cunha Branco (CV)

executive Council

Prof. Jaime da Cunha Branco


Prof. Fernando Miguel Teixeira Xavier (CV)
(Vice-dean, President of the Cientific Council)



Professor Doutor José Alberto Castro Guimarães Consciência 
(Vice-dean, President of the Pedagogical Council)


Prof. Ana Isabel Francisco de Moura Santos (CV

Prof. António Jacinto

Manuel Salvador Rodrigues Alves


SCientific council
Prof. Miguel Xavier (Vice-dean)

1) Twenty-one representatives elected by the following sets of professors:

i) Two representatives per academic area elected from among career professors and researchers;

ii) One representative per academic area, elected from among other teachers on a full-time basis, or on a functional integration basis under the terms of the legislation governing the articulation between medical schools and health establishments where medical education is provided, with a contract of duration not less than one year, who hold a PhD degree, whatever the nature of their relationship with NMS;

2) Three members elected by full-time researchers and scholarship holders, who hold a doctorate degree, with a contract of not less than one year and who perform functions in the NMS research centers recognized and positively evaluated under the terms of law.


pedagogical council
Prof. José Guimarães Consciência (Vice-dean)

1) The Coordinator of the Integrated Masters in Medicine;

2) Two representatives of Coordinators from other study cycles elected from lists by the respective body;

3) Six representatives of doctoral professors, whatever the nature of their affiliation with the institution, representing different curricular years of undergraduate and integrated masters courses, elected from lists by the respective body;

4) The President of the Student Association, or whoever represents him/her;

5) Three representatives of students from the 2nd and 3rd cycles, elected from lists by the representatives of the respective body;

6) Six students representing different curricular years of the Integrated Masters in Medicine;

7) A student and a teacher representing other courses in the 1st Cycle of studies, elected on lists by the respective body