LYSOCIL project on rare diseases has its final conference

The final conference of the LYSOCIL project took place on the 8th and 9th of April at the Hotel Vila Galé in Cascais. It featured presentations from the various project partners and collaborators worldwide, including Italy and Germany.

Susana Lopes, Liliana Bento-Lopes and Duarte Barral


“This was an excellent opportunity to bring together the entire consortium in person, which was not possible during the pandemic”, says Duarte Barral, co-coordinator of the LYSOCIL project, principal investigator, and professor at NOVA Medical School. “It was also a unique opportunity for us to bring together various patient associations and encourage collaboration in rare disease research”.

In an assessment of the project, Duarte adds: “LYSOCIL has allowed the establishment of a consortium with common interests in the investigation of rare diseases that affect lysosomes and cilia. This project made it possible to train our researchers in different techniques through visits to partner institutions and we organized several workshops, retreats, and other joint activities.”

About this close collaboration with the partners and the future of this project, Susana Lopes, co-coordinator of the project and principal investigator at NOVA Medical School says: “LYSOCIL was an ambitious project in which we joined 2 other institutes that we did not know very well, but we idolized. In the beginning we were strangers and in the end, we became friends and set up a rare disease network that will be for the future”.

Three NOVA Medical School students and researchers, Liliana Lopes, Mariana Barata and Catarina Bota, won the Best Poster award. Congratulations to all for this initiative and for the success of the LYSOCIL project.


Know more about this project at the LYSOCIL website.