New Campus



NOVA Medical School, a beacon of academic excellence and educational leadership for over 46 years, is entering in a new era in healthcare. From Portugal to the World, our new campus embodies a bold vision for the future, where curiosity, empathy and knowledge are the hearth of our approach.

The new campus is poised to bridge the gaps in contemporary medical education, offering an integrated and forward-thinking approach. By nurturing innovative, caring, and inspirational doctors equipped with cutting-edge knowledge, we aim to revolutionize the medical profession, ensuring a healthier future for all.

Key innovations on our campus include:

  • Innovative Team-Based Learning: Revolutionizing undergraduate education with a focus on collaborative real-world problem-solving skills.
  • Specialized and Cross-Disciplinary Post-Graduate Education: Offering diverse post-graduate programs that adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape, from the provision of care to the  disease prevention and the health promotion.
  • Advance Research in Digital Technology and Big Data Analytics: Leading the way in applied research, driving healthcare innovation.
  • Global Institutional Alliance: Strengthening partnerships with leading global institutions for enhanced educational and research opportunities.
  • Community and Civil Society Engagement: Expanding our outreach, we are committed to inclusive and collaborative health education and research.

Join us at the forefront of healthcare education and research at NOVA Medical School’s new campus. We are shaping an audacious future in healthcare.

Knowledge centers

The new campus of NOVA Medical School will host Knowledge Centers that intersect the three pillars that define, and differentiate, the School of the Future: Education, Research and Community Service.

Each of these centers will be a focal point for education, research, and practical application, designed to place NOVA Medical School at the forefront of medical innovation and training.

The integration of digital solutions across all centers will ensure that the institution is "one step ahead" in its approach to education and healthcare.

Obesity, Nutrition and Metabolic Changes Center
Longevity Institute
Surgical Training Center
AI Hub & Innovation Lab
Data and Real-World Evidence Knowledge Center
Mental Health
Health Tourism Knowledge Center
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