The mission of the NMS Library is to provide quality services to proactively support the teaching, learning and research objectives of medicine at NOVA Medical School.

The Library’s objectives are:

  • to process documentation and to provide services to make it available;
  • to guide and to assist in the research and use of information sources;
  • to collaborate with teachers and researchers to identify information needs for potential users of the Library;
  • to promote spaces, equipment’s and information resources aimed at teaching and learning medicine;
  • to participate in national and international information networks.


The Library Service of NOVA Medical School, is specialized in biomedicine, including also related and complementary areas.

It’s a University Library of Public Higher Education, aimed at people who study and work at NMS (internal users) and the public (external users).

The Library provides on-site research support using the available information sources, in various supports (paper, electronic) and guidance to information sources and documents not existing in its collections in the User Support Unit.


The Library provides in the Computer Support Office, between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., face-to-face support to internal users who need help installing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) - essential for access to electronic resources subscribed to by the Faculty.

Users can request this service at the Library Reference Desk, by appointment, by telephone or email (see contacts).

User training aims to provide users with the necessary skills and tools to be able to use the electronic resources available (subscribed and Open Access) autonomously in an ethical and effective way.


If you’re an internal user you may request a domiciliary loan of books, a maximum of 3 titles, with different classifications.

As exceptions to domiciliary lending there are duly marked books with yellow tape (single copies or large consultation copies).

These restrictions don’t apply in the case of requests for teachers (including monitors) to support classes, in which case you can request the Short-term loan of yellow-ribbon copies (maximum 1 day).

You can request the loan at the Reference Desk.

Reference books (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, etc.) aren’t lent out. However, they may be requested in very specific cases - for consultation by departments and/or teaching staff (including monitors).

Theses and dissertations can be lent to the outside, according to the provisions defined by the Authors, in the respective authorisations to be made available in the Library.

Journals aren’t loaned, only consulted in the journal exhibition area (if recent) or on request in the Library reading room. Teachers, researchers, and other non-student users of the Faculty may borrow the journals in specific cases for periods of one week if they aren’t from the last year.

The regular loan of books is for 7 days for NMS internal users. During school holidays the deadlines are defined annually and communicated to users.

The return deadline is considered until the Library closing time of the last day and the copy must be handed in at the Reference Desk of the Library.

If the user doesn’t comply the defined deadline he’s penalised according to the days of delay.

This loan may be renewed for up to three identical periods, provided that the book in question isn’t reserved.

The loan can only be renewed on the penultimate (working day) or last day of loan of the copy.

The renewal can be made in various ways - in person, by telephone or by email, indicating the full name.

It’s possible to reserve books for domiciliary lending if the copy isn’t available. The reservation can be made in person, by telephone or by email.

In case you cannot personally return the copies, you have requested, you can use the postal services for that purpose.

However, the responsibility for loss or delay in delivery will always be of the orderer, so that any loss or damage will result in replacement or payment.

This loan refers to the loan, for a maximum period of 1 day, of yellow-ribbon books (unique and/or more recent) to teachers (including monitors) for class support.

The teacher should request the loan at the Library Reference Desk and return the copy as soon as possible at the same place.

For external users it’s possible to obtain the loan for temporary consultation of some books through the Inter-Library Loan, for a maximum period of two weeks.

This service must be requested through the Library of the organisation to which they belong.

Likewise, the Library requests for internal users, under this provision, loan requests to similar institutions. For any clarification send email.

Bibliometrics is a quantitative and statistical technique to measure indexes of production and dissemination of knowledge, as well as to monitor the development of various scientific areas and the patterns of authorship, publication and use of research results.


NMS Library supports bibliometric reporting and user support.

Scientific Output NMS '22

NOVA Medical School (NMS) scientific output is a quality indicator of the scientific activity of the institution. Based on a search validated in PURE on May 2024 (797 publications), the metrics are presented of the articles, review articles and conference articles (547 publications) for 2023.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are assigned per publication and the terms considered come from the title, keywords, abstracts and subject areas of the journal, with indexing being done automatically by Elsevier in PURE.
Of the total number of publications in 2023, only 283 were classified as SDGs and from these, 257 (91 per cent) are associated with SDG 3 - Health and well-being.

AT 19/06

Scientific Output NMS '22

The NOVA Medical School (NMS) scientific output is a quality indicator of the scientific activity of the institution.

Based on a search validated in PURE on May 2023, we present the metrics of the publications for 2022.

NMS Documents in Open Access on RUN

RUN aims to gather, organize, disseminate and preserve the NOVA University scientific contents, respecting the current legislation, namely the Open Access Policies of FCT.

Scientific Output Metrics

Most commonly used metrics:

  • Publication count;
  • Citation count;
  • h-index;
  • Journal impact factor;
  • Quartile;
  • FWCI.
NMS Scientific Output '21

The NOVA Medical School (NMS) scientific output is a quality indicator of the scientific activity of the institution. Based on a search by affiliation in SCOPUS on May 25th 2022, we present the metrics of the publications for 2021.

NMS publications in RUN
Indicators and Metrics of Scientific Output
Scientific Output NMS 2020
NMS Publications in RUN 2020

For this purpose, documentation was defined as encompassing "all sources of information, of any type and in any support, necessary for the activities developed by NOVA Medical School in the context of teaching/learning, research and management".

The Consultative Committee for Documentary Acquisition (CCAD) is the consultative structure for supporting the decision in this matter, regulated and restructured by dispatch no. 2/ CD/2010, of the 25th of January, following the new NMS statutes.

To suggest the acquisition of information sources (books, magazines, databases) considered fundamental for the above mentioned activities, please send us an e-mail.

All types of copying and printing are subject to copyright legislation.

Given the restrictions on copying and printing in this area, the NMS Library does not copy books and theses from its collections.

The exception is the copying and printing of journal articles, existing or accessible online through the computer stations available in the research room.

Payment for printing and copying must be made at the reception desk, and the user must indicate the number of the station where the research was done.

To know the price table applied in the library, please go to the reception desk.

Since March you can book individual study rooms and a place in the study room on level -1

  • Individual study room booking (floor -1) please fill in the form
  • Booking a place in the study room (floor -1) please fill in the form


9.00 am to 8.00 pm

closed on saturday, sunday and hollydays

UpToDate Advanced is an evidence-based clinical decision support resource at the point of care. It's available by internet and offline, however, for offline access your registration must be done at NMS.


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