NMS Strategic Advisory Board (SAB)


NOVA Medical School’s Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) plays a role in providing guidance and oversight for the school's educational programs, research initiatives, and community outreach efforts. 


The board is made up of experts in various fields related to medicine, nutrition and other health-related disciplines, such as healthcare administration, clinical practice, research, and education.

They provide advice and input on the school's curriculum, research strategy, and community engagement initiatives. They also serve as a valuable resource for the school, connecting it with other organizations and individuals in the healthcare field. The board also helps to ensure that the school's programs and activities align with the latest trends and best practices in the field.


NMS SAB is composed by: 

  • Ana Cumano (Institut Pasteur)
  • David Alpers (Washington University School of Medicine)
  • Finnian Mc Causland (Harvard Medical School)
  • Hinrich Gronemeyer (IGBMC Strasbourg-Illkirc)
  • John Mathers (Newcastle University)
  • Loreto Carmona (InMusc)
  • Seppo Ylä-Herttuala (Institute for Molecular Sciences)
  • William Cushley (University of Glasgow