Exhibition of Anatomical Drawings in the Anatomia corridors

The corridors near the Anatomical Theater at NOVA Medical School gained a special beauty. There we can see several paintings with anatomical drawings kindly offered to NOVA Medical School and the Department of Anatomy by our professor and surgeon, Francisco d’Oliveira Martins.
This place turned out to be very appropriate, since they represent drawings of the human body shaped by the mind, the act of seeing and representing and seeing and drawing, thinking by drawing and drawing by thinking, perceiving by doing (“esse percipit”) and the drawing helping to understand the origin of things. In short, art and reason are the true essence of these graphics.
The drawings that make up this collection are signed by several authors, namely Professor Francisco d’Oliveira Martins, Dr. Maria do Céu d’Oliveira Martins and Dr. Tiago Lacerda. The selection and curation are the responsibility of Dr. Filipa d´Oliveira Martins
NOVA Medical School publicly thanks the donation of these works and invites the entire community to visit the permanent exhibition on site.

Here are some photos of the space