Teses e Dissertações

Lista de teses de doutoramento e dissertações de mestrado apresentadas em 2022 por àrea de especialidade/investigação

Atualizado a 1 de agosto de 2022




Medicina - Investigação Clínica

ALMEIDA, Ana - Screening for retinopathy of prematury: how can we do better? (embargo 2 anos - 04.02.2022 a 04.02.2024)

BALSINHA, Maria - Users and health professionals' perspectives regarding Portuguese primary care services: a focus on dementia (embargo 1 ano - 21.03.2022 a 21.03.2023)

COELHO, Ana - Renal recovery after an episode of acute kidney injury

FERREIRA, Bruna - The role of extracellular vesiclesin multiple myeloma

MARTO, Natália - In vivo phenotyping of sultia enzymes in man implications for precision medicine

NEVES, Marisa - The role of high-density lipoproteins in the activation of T lymphocytes and regulation of immune response

OURÔ, Susana - Biological and surgical determinants in the treatment of rectal cancer 

ROSA, Sílvia - Microcirculation dysfunction in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

SILVA, Tiago - Circulating micro-rna profiles according to atherosclerotic disease expression : a contribute to phenotype characterization and insights into pathophysiology


Medicina - Biomedicina

MATIAS, Ana - Dissecting the differential molecular signature in patients From african-origin with triple-negative breast cancer (embargo 2 anos - 28.04.2022 a 28.04.2024)

SOUSA, Marcelo - Substantia Nigra in Parkinson’s disease: exploring the encoding of movement kinematics by Dopaminergic Neurons (embargo 2 anos - 25.02.2022 a 25.02.2024)


Mecanismos de Doença e Medicina Regenerativa

MARQUES, Graça - Characterization of novel factors regulating neural stem cell proliferation, temporal fate and neuronal diversity (embargo 3 anos - 29.04.2022 a 29.04.2025)

RODRIGUES, Cátia - Neuronal and glial growth and development: dissecting the role of RalA and exocyst in  Drosophila peripheral nervous system (embargo 2 anos - 09.04.2022 a 09.04.2024)




Bioquímica para a Saúde

BARATA, Isabel - The Role of Progesterone Receptor Membrane Component 1 (PGRMC1) in Cytochromes P450 (CYP)- Mediated Drug Metabolism and its Implication in Chemotherapy Resistance (embargo 2 anos - 06.04.2022 a 06.04.2024)

BENTO, Luís - Anti-inflammatory activity of berries driven polyphenols in zebrafish larvae fed with oxidizedlipids and LPS

COSTA, Ana - Suscetibilidade genética em doentes COVID19 hospitalizados: o caso português (embargo 2 anos - 05.05.2022 a 05.05.2024)

DOMINGUES, Ana - Role of micrornas in cancer drug resistance (embargo 2 anos - 07.02.2022 a 07.02.2024)

DUARTE, Catarina - Role of microRNAs and epigenetics modifications in paclitaxel resistance in a breast cancer cell line model (embargo 2 anos - 28.02.2022 a 28.02.2024)

VALE, Ana - Biological relevance of VUS identified in ATM gene and the role in DNA damage response (embargo 2 anos - 22.04.2022 a 22.04.2024)


Investigação Biomédica

CAPUCHO, Adriana - The role of carotid body in brain insulin resistance and neurodegeneration

CATARINO, Joana - Probing striatal subpopulations in outcome-dependent action control in rats (embargo 1 ano - 14.02.2022 a 14.02.2023)

COSTA, Miguel - Biological effect of Type I procollagen carboxyterminal propeptide in breast cancer tumor microenvironment (embargo 2 anos - 12.05.2022 a 12.05.2024)

CUNHA, César - Disclosing lysosomal dysfunction with neuronal aging : a potential mechanism of early synaptic degeneration in alzheimer's (embargo 3 anos - 22.03.2022 a 22.03.2025)

DIAS, Maria - Mechanisms of reinnervation during wound healing: novel roles for epithelial-glial communication (embargo 3 anos - 04.05.2022 a 04.05.2025)

KAMIKI, Jéssica - Mucosal-associated invariante T cells : novel players in pancreatic cancer (embargo 2 anos - 18.01.2022 a 18.01.2024)

LOPES, Francisco - Investigating the role of innate immune memory in microglial-mediated synaptic remodeling (embargo 3 anos - 11.05.2022 a 11.05.2025)

MARQUES, Ana - Contribution of high histone acetylation in memory allocation (embargo 3 anos - 26.04.2022 a 26.04.2025)

MOTA, Sara - A new paradigm to study NF-κB in vivo and the role of dietary phenolic metabolites using drosophila (embargo 3 anos - 10.05.2022 a 10.05.2025)

PACHECO, Rita - Proteomic approach to the caracterization of unknown origin male infertility

SILVA, Nuno - Development of zebrafish chemical screens to identify new modifiers of intestinal neutrophilic inflammation (embargo 1 ano - 18.02.2022 a 18.02.2023)

TEIXEIRA, Melissa - Nanoformulations of novel metal-complexes as potential antitumor agents (embargo 2 anos - 28.01.2022 a 28.01.2024)


Nutrição Humana e Metabolismo

PITA, Débora - Portuguese questionnaires for assesing dietary supplements usage by athletes (embargo 2 anos - 04.04.2022 a 04.04.2024)

SANTOS, Gilberto - Fecal samples with more bifidobacteria protect against intestinal permeability


Saúde Mental nos Cuidados Primários

MAHDY, Marwa - Assessment of Saudi public knowledge and attitudes toward mental health disorders and its demographic correlation (embargo 3 anos - 18.05.2022 a 18.05.2025)