Summer Medical School | Youth Program

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The Summer Medical School: Lifestyle is an authentic experience of learning the most transversal skills in the areas of Medicine, Nutrition Sciences and Research, in an immersion that will allow participants to embark on exciting moments - with a scientific program led by a team of renowned experts in different areas. On Santana Hill, where NOVA Medical School is located, we'll share knowledge and convey the importance of a healthy lifestyle for a healthier future. The diversity of lectures and workshops will combine the transmission of theoretical skills with practical moments that will challenge curiosity and allow participants to expand their knowledge of emerging trends in medicine and nutrition.


  • Registration: 250 euros
  • NOVA employees: 15% discount


The price includes 

  • Attendance at the scientific and social program;
  • Certificate of participation;
  • Welcome kit
  • Meals (lunch and snack)
  • Transportation from NOVA Medical School to activities abroad.


  • Fill the form here.


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