Advanced Training

Advanced training is a commitment of NOVA Medical School. The offer is broad and diverse and aims to enhance knowledge, research and knowledge sharing.

NMS offers more than a dozen Postgraduate courses, some of which are taught in English.

Open courses and programs

Medicine 4.0

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Hand Surgery - Hands On

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Endoscopic Lumbar Spine Surgery - 6th Ed.

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Pharmaceutical Medicine - 2nd Ed

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Ongoing courses and programs

Genetics and Genomics in Clinics - 4th Ed.
Trauma and Resuscitation - 2nd Ed.

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Critical Appraisal of the Medical Literature - 7th Ed.
Cell and Molecular Mechanism of Aging and Associated Diseases - 2nd ed.
Project Management in Health - 1st Ed.
Clinical Echocardiography 2023 - 1st Ed.
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Other courses

Implementação de práticas de cuidados de saúde baseadas no valor numa sociedade digital e envelhecida
Experimentação Animal (Prático) - 9ª Ed.
Alimentação e Nutrição Pediátrica: 8 Hot Topics
Ecografia Abdominal Clínica do TrainR4U
Doenças Médicas e Gravidez - 3ª Ed
F.A.M.A. - 1ª Ed

(Feedback, Acolhimento, Modelagem e Atribuição de Confiança)

Non-Pharmacological Therapy in Diabetes Mellitus - 2nd Ed.
Translating Clinical Research into Innovation to Ackle Age-related Health Problems
Pathophysiology of Asthma: Towards Precision Medicine - 1st Ed.
Intestinal Microbiota: Implications for Clinical Practice



Nutrition in Sport
Health, Technology and Innovation
Microbiota, Athlete Health and Performance
Basic Colposcopy Course
Clarifying Clinical Doubts
Glycobiology & Glycochemistry: Internacional E-Learning Course
CLIC Program - Level 1
CLIC Program - Level 2
Advanced Lapaoscopics Surgery in Urology
Communication in General Practice
Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine
Lisbon International Learning Program on Mental Health Policy and Services
Child and Adolescent Neurodevelopment
NOVA-BMJ Research to Publication Program