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 B_on b-on (Biblioteca Online do Conhecimento) allows access to the full text of articles, journals, books and databases in a single simultaneous search.
Nova discovery NOVA Discovery allows a simultaneous search in several resources - books, full-text journal articles, books available in the libraries of the various organic units of UNL and much more.
PubMed Biomedical database, with free access. It contains bibliographic references and abstracts of thousands of articles published since 1966 covering the areas of: medicine, biomedicine, nursing, veterinary and related sciences.
Amadeo The main component includes weekly emails with bibliographic lists on new scientific publications and an overview of medical literature by area published in relevant journals over the last 12 to 24 months.
BioMed BioMedCentral is a Springer Nature Group database of open access peer-reviewed journals in the fields of medical research and biology.
DOAJ BioMedCentral é uma base de dados da Springer Nature Group que inclui revistas “peer-reviewed” em acesso aberto nas áreas de investigação médica e biologia.
ELS eLS provides the bibliographic references of articles in the areas: biochemistry and physiology, cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, immunology, molecular biology, neuroscience, microbiology and virology from Wiley.
EuropePMC Through this database you can access abstracts, full-text articles and patent information.
Free Medical Journals This portal lists a large number of medical journals that currently provide access to the full text for free on the web.
Index Database of Portuguese medical journals. Includes abstracts of national dissertations and theses. Subscription required to access contents.
Journals for free Multidisciplinary database of links to scientific journals in open access available on the Web in the fields of Health Sciences and Life Sciences and Biology.
PLOS PLOS (Public Library of Science) publishes open access journals in all areas of science and medicine.