Celestino da Costa Collection

The Medical Library Collection of Professors Augusto Celestino da Costa and Jaime Celestino da Costa, donated to the NOVA Medical School in 2013 for study and research purposes, contains around 1.100 copies of academic works and books from their personal libraries in the areas of history of medicine, histology, embryology and cardiothoracic surgery.


Can I consult the copies of this collection?

Yes, it will be necessary to send an email to biblioteca@nms.unl.pt identifying the day and time intended and the works you want to consult.

How can I request materials from this collection?

To consult the documents already available in this Collection (published works and folders), you should consult the Library Catalogue, selecting the Celestino da Costa Collection) and obtain the Quota of the documents/Box you want to access. After that, you should go to the Reference Desk and fill-in the requisition form.

Is there a copy request limit?

You may consult up to 5 copies per requisition. If you need to consult other copies, you will have to go to the Reference Desk, hand in the copies you had access to and request new ones. If the documents are in Boxes, you can only consult 1 folder per request and you should put the documents in order after consulting the respective Box.

Where can I consult these documents?

Only in the reading room. The handling of the copies should be done with care, given the nature of the documents.

Can I previously reserve copies for consultation?

Yes, if you are already a regular user of the Library. To do so, you should send your request by e-mail.

May I request copies or scans of the materials?

No. Given the need to preserve the materials in question, it’s not allowed to copy these documents.