Open Access copyright


There are various Open Access and self-depositing models in institutional and/or thematic repositories. The Sherpa/Romeo portal provides a range of information on the copyright of the various journals and which version of the article can be made available in the repository (accepted version, preprint version and postprint version).

Existem diversos modelos de publicação em Acesso Aberto e de auto-deposito nos repositórios institucionais e/ou temáticos. O portal Sherpa/Romeo disponibiliza informação diversa sobre os direitos de copyright das várias revistas e qual das versões do artigo pode ser disponibilizada em repositório (versão aceite, versão preprint e versão posprint)


These are worldwide, perpetual, free licences that allow authors to make their works available on the internet by defining the conditions under which the work is shared. There are six standard licences that offer either very restrictive conditions (all rights reserved) or very permissive conditions (public domain).

At RUN - Repository of NOVA University, all the works deposited are covered by the CC-BY-NC licence.

According to this licence, the author allows a wide use of his work, limited by the impossibility of obtaining through this use a commercial advantage. Note that all licences require credit to be given to the author of the work, in a manner specified by the author.

For the policies and rules of the various scientific journals please consult:


COAR-UNESCO Statement on APC-centric models of OA