If you’re an internal user you may request a domiciliary loan of books, a maximum of 3 titles, with different classifications.

As exceptions to domiciliary lending there are duly marked books with yellow tape (single copies or large consultation copies).

These restrictions don’t apply in the case of requests for teachers (including monitors) to support classes, in which case you can request the Short-term loan of yellow-ribbon copies (maximum 1 day).

You can request the loan at the Reference Desk.

Reference books (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, etc.) aren’t lent out. However, they may be requested in very specific cases - for consultation by departments and/or teaching staff (including monitors).

Theses and dissertations can be lent to the outside, according to the provisions defined by the Authors, in the respective authorisations to be made available in the Library.

Journals aren’t loaned, only consulted in the journal exhibition area (if recent) or on request in the Library reading room. Teachers, researchers, and other non-student users of the Faculty may borrow the journals in specific cases for periods of one week if they aren’t from the last year.

The regular loan of books is for 7 days for NMS internal users. During school holidays the deadlines are defined annually and communicated to users.

The return deadline is considered until the Library closing time of the last day and the copy must be handed in at the Reference Desk of the Library.

If the user doesn’t comply the defined deadline he’s penalised according to the days of delay.

This loan may be renewed for up to three identical periods, provided that the book in question isn’t reserved.

The loan can only be renewed on the penultimate (working day) or last day of loan of the copy.

The renewal can be made in various ways - in person, by telephone or by email, indicating the full name.

It’s possible to reserve books for domiciliary lending if the copy isn’t available. The reservation can be made in person, by telephone or by email.

In case you cannot personally return the copies, you have requested, you can use the postal services for that purpose.

However, the responsibility for loss or delay in delivery will always be of the orderer, so that any loss or damage will result in replacement or payment.

This loan refers to the loan, for a maximum period of 1 day, of yellow-ribbon books (unique and/or more recent) to teachers (including monitors) for class support.

The teacher should request the loan at the Library Reference Desk and return the copy as soon as possible at the same place.

For external users it’s possible to obtain the loan for temporary consultation of some books through the Inter-Library Loan, for a maximum period of two weeks.

This service must be requested through the Library of the organisation to which they belong.

Likewise, the Library requests for internal users, under this provision, loan requests to similar institutions. For any clarification send email.