Laboratory of Immunology and Primary Immunodeficiencies

The Laboratory of Immunology and Primary Immunodeficiencies @NOVA Medical School was born from the need to provide differentiated answers to physicians who follow patients with immune-related pathology. For over a decade, our team has been involved in the implementation of exams and assays for the diagnosis and follow-up of these patients, also participating and establishing research projects that allow us to increase our knowledge in these areas, always aiming for a better monitoring of patients.

Our activities cover allergic and autoimmune diseases, which are prevalent diseases with an impact on the quality of life. Understanding the immunological mechanisms underlying these diseases is essential for establishing new laboratory methods that aid in diagnosis and prognosis, as well as in monitoring their evolution, and in studying the response to different therapeutic options instituted by the treating physician.

In recent decades, Primary Immunodeficiencies (PIDs) have also been studied, and these are a heterogeneous group of hereditary diseases, which present defects in the immune system. PIDs can have different clinical manifestations but are often associated with the occurrence of serious infections from early childhood. An early diagnosis, enhanced by the application of state-of-the-art laboratory assays, allows the institution of appropriate therapies.

For this purpose, we have differentiated laboratory technologies that ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the immune profile. We study the cells of the immune system, their phenotype and functions, and we evaluate, in parallel, biomarkers of recognized and growing importance, like antibodies and inflammatory cytokines, using distinct immunoassays. We were pioneers in Portugal in implementing the strategies of the European consortium for PIDs and our services are supported by external quality assessment programs.

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Laboratory of Immunology and Primary Immunodeficiencies
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