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The new PhD in Medicine offers specialized training, with the aim of developing professionals capable fo carrying out original research projects in various scientific areas, ranging from clinical research, fundamental and translational research, to population health and health innovation and technology.

Aimed at doctors, this new program is designed to facilitate the articulation between research and clinical professional activity, providing an enriching and practical experience.


The new PhD in Medicine provides FCM|NMS with advanced training in the area of clinical research and innovation in Health.

The Bologna process introduced a third cycle of studies aimed at training more qualified professionals who are prepared to pursue academic or clinical and research careers, thus establishing a link between the high standards of higher education and clinical and scientific research.

NOVA Medical School at NOVA University Lisbon offers a cycle of studies leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine based on the guiding principles of the Bologna process, namely that of promoting the development of knowledge through original research.

The curricular plan has a reduced core structure, corresponding to the compulsory courses, complemented by a wide range of optional courses. This design not only allows for personalized support for each doctoral student, but also access to an advanced and diversified training offer from the Faculty and other UNL organic units. In this way, the program expands the number of students corresponding to the current curricular offer and enhances synergies and multidisciplinary collaborations through the broad participation of other UNL organic units.

Finally, the program develops NMS's relationship with the community through the institutional involvement of the Alumni network. It does this specifically by creating a Mentoring program, promoting a culture of lifelong learning and knowledge transfer.

Within the scope of the Faculty's 3rd cycle training offer, this advanced training is a strategic specificity; a complement to the training offer; innovation in the teaching of methodological approaches in medical research; extension of scale and promotion of interdisciplinarity in the curricular offer; potential for extension to the community.

As a strategic specificity, the program promotes training that is particularly aimed at medical candidates with a clinical profile, allowing them to simultaneously and advantageously maintain clinical professional activity in the area of research.

The program takes advantage of the existing doctoral programs in Health Sciences (FCM|NMS) and Biomedicine (NMS|UA), which have a strong biomedical focus, as well as the doctoral programs in Global Health (NMS|ENSP|IHMT|FMUP) and Health and Well-being Sciences and Technologies (NMS|ENSP|UE), which are more focused on public health and health policies. And they benefit from existing clinical research support units (namely Colab Trials, NOVA Clinical Research Unit and PtCRIN), digital innovation support units (namely Value for Health Colab) and the biobank (CHAIN biobank).

The main objective of the program is to develop students capable of carrying out original research projects that include the following questions:

  • Understanding the molecular, cellular and physiological mechanisms of both the normal human body and diseases or groups of diseases;
  • Developing and investigating cellular and animal models of human diseases;
  • Study the mechanisms of diseases or groups of diseases;
  • Contribute to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation;
  • Promote translational medicine through the development and application of new technologies for the benefit of patients;
  • Develop other technologies to promote better health care;
  • Promoting the health of populations;
  • Studying the epidemiological aspects of the health of populations in general and some of their characteristics;
  • Developing health interventions, programs, services and policies.

Graduates in Medicine or with an Integrated Master's Degree in Medicine or recognized equivalence, of Portuguese or foreign nationality, with knowledge of technical English, spoken and written.

Applications that meet the admission requirements will be analyzed, evaluated, selected and graded by the Jury, through a Curriculum analysis and after an individual interview with each candidate.


Application Fee: 51€
Registration Fee: 35€
Tuition Fees: €2750/ annual
(15% discount for current and former Students and Teachers / Assistants / Researchers of NMS)
Student Insurance: 14€

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  • Ana Félix, M.D., PhD.


  • Manuel Gonçalves Pereira, M.D., PhD.
  • Bruno Heleno, M.D., PhD.


4 years









doutoramento em medicina brevemente-1