PhD in Disease Mechanisms and Regenerative Medicine (ProRegeM)

PhD in association between two institutions:

NMS/UNL and University of Algarve




At ProRegeM we aim to educate and inspire a new generation of scientists with a strong knowledge in fundamental biology so that they can develop a broader vision on translation medicine with particular emphasis on regenerative medicine.

This basic knowledge will allow them to develop robust skills to enroll on academic and non-academic careers in the field. This is made possible by the CBMR-UALG and UNL intertwined research interests, which have resulted in long standing collaborations in several research projects.

There will be a significant emphasis on hypothesis-driven collaborative research projects between CBMR and NMS Research, and the curricular structure of this programme is organised into a group of core graduate courses taught jointly by participant and collaborator institutions.


During the first year the students will have three core courses, related with 1) Developmental Biology and the use of model organisms to study human diseases, 2) Stem Cell biology, and 3) Chronic and Degenerative diseases.

In the second and third years, students will have a full one-week course to improve their science communication skills, and a Translational Medicine course, respectively, critical for the training of these future professionals.

Furthermore, and in order to open as much as possible the array of options for alternative career paths to our students, in the fourth year students will have a course on Management, Business, and Entrepreneurship. Within this context, the students will be strongly encouraged to develop their entrepreneurship ideas.

The creation of these joint courses taught by researchers from both institutions strengthens the collaborations between them and also fosters the mobility of students during their research programme.

Importantly, and besides the core-courses of this 4-year Ph.D. program, all Ph.D. students will be strongly encouraged to tailor their specific curricular needs by attending elective courses offered elsewhere.

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