Masters in Medical Microbiology (MMM)

The Master's in Medical Microbiology comprises two academic years. Year 1 is divided into two semesters: in the 1st you will have compulsory Curricular Units (CUs) and in the 2nd you will be able to choose optional CUs.

From microbial genetics and recombinant DNA technologies, to epidemiology and biostatistics, bioethics, laboratory safety and quality assurance in clinical microbiology laboratories, to the core topics of bacteriology, virology and medical mycology, as well as immunity and infection and the prevention and therapy of infectious diseases.

Classes have a strong practical component, especially in the 2nd semester.

Year 2 is entirely practical, laboratory-based and dedicated to the preparation of an original dissertation for a Master's degree.

Classes and projects are carried out at four NOVA University Lisbon units (FCM|NMS, IHMT NOVA, FCT NOVA and ITQB NOVA.

To train specialists, from a global and multidisciplinary perspective, with solid and integrated theoretical and practical training in the field of Microbiology.

Students will be able to apply the most advanced laboratory diagnostic technologies, microbiological research and quality control and certification of microbiology laboratories.

  • Solid training in the scientific area of Medical Microbiology;
  • Allows you to develop skills from a multidisciplinary perspective, adapted to solving specific problems;
  • Enables research, development and innovation, with particular emphasis on molecular microbiology applied to Medical Microbiology.
  • Graduates in the field of Life and Health Sciences:
    • Biological Sciences;
    • Pharmaceutical Sciences;
    • Nursing;
    • Medicine;
    • Veterinary Medicine;
    • Other related areas, to be assessed by the Scientific Committee.
  • Access to doctoral programs;
  • Access to Research and Development areas in national and European public health sectors, such as:
    • Medical and hospital centers,
    • Clinical and veterinary laboratories,
    • Microbiology research laboratories.

Graduates or holders of legally equivalent qualifications in the area of Life and Health Sciences (Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nursing, and other related areas, to be assessed by the course's scientific committee).






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Paulo Paixão


  • Adriano O. Henriques


  • João Piedade


  • Rita Sobral


The next edition (14th) is coordinated by IHMT NOVA

  • LANGUAGE | Portuguese
  • ECTS | 120
  • DURATION | 2 years
  • SCHEDULE | Monday to Friday from 4pm to 8pm


  • From May 6 until July 19, 2024


  • National student: 2.500€/year
  • International student: 2.500€/year