Researchers from CHRC-NMS lead two LPCC/AICIB grant-winning projects

The research duos Ana Rita Maria and Bruno Heleno and Marília Paulo and Luis Lapão are the winners of two Clinical Research Grants in Oncology in Primary Health Care from  Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro and Agência de Investigação Clínica e Inovação Biomédica (LPCC/AICIB).


These LPCC/AICIB Grants will allow the awarded teams to develop research projects in the area of ​​cancer prevention in Primary Health Care in Portugal.

The project led by Ana Rita Maria, entitled "SumMed: helping patients to understand medical information in the prevention of breast and prostate cancer" aims to study patients’ perceptions using the SumMed application, that help them understand medical information in the prevention of breast and prostate cancer. 

In general, there is a lack of knowledge regarding the benefits and harms of prostate and breast cancer screening programs. Researcher Ana Rita Maria, medical doctor working as a general practitioner while developing simultaneously her PhD studies in telemedicine in the Person-Centered Research Group, emphasizes that this study is the first to assess, among the public, the perceptions of benefits and harms related to breast and prostate cancer screenings, using a digital application. The LPCC/AICIB grant will allow the advance of the project in order to encourage a shared decision on screening and the development of decision aids, being necessary to assess users' knowledge, with the patient's association that is part of the project team, regarding the harm and benefits of screening, according to the most recent evidence. 

The main purpose of the winning project led by professors and researchers Marília Paulo and Luis Lapão, entitled "KERASITES - Keratinocyte cancer prevention at primary healthcare centers in Portugal", is to act on the prevention of keratocytes whose primary risk factor is sun exposure.

The research team intends not only to contribute in an innovative way to the of health professionals in primary health care, as well as enhance the connection with Hospitals through digital technologies. For that, the team will work with the population of the municipalities of Alcochete, Barreiro, Montijo and Moita, diverse in its patterns of sun exposure, which could be both occupational and laser.

This LPCC/AICIB Grant will increase the ability of the multidisciplinary team to use digital technologies to reinforce the clinical pathway of the Primary Care Centers (ACES) of Arco Ribeirinho with Centro Hospitalar Barreiro-Montijo. In a comprehensive vision that enhances greater sustainability in digital care and health, researcher Marília Paulo highlights that "at the end of the project all ACES will be able to take advantage of the knowledge generated and use the technology created".



The award ceremony took place on July 5 at ACES Lisboa Norte - Sete Rios Auditorium, and was attended by Dr. Luís Pisco, President of the Administração Regional de Saúde de Lisboa e Vale do Tejo (ARSLVT).

Bruno Heleno
Ana Rita Maria
PhD Student

Person-Centered Research Group

Bruno Heleno