NMS researcher receives Medal of Merit from Chaves City Council

Researcher João Ferreira, from the Proteostasis and Intercellular Communication laboratory, received the award directly from the Mayor of Chaves, Nuno Vaz.

The medal was awarded during the celebrations of the Day of the City of Chaves, celebrated on July 8th. João Ferreira was one of the recipients of the Silver Medal of Merit, following his work on exosomes and intercellular communication, an important discovery for the development of new therapies, published in the journal Science Advances.

"Being awarded a medal by the Municipality of Chaves, to which I am a native, is an extraordinary honor and privilege. I received the news with surprise and at the same time great happiness", says João Ferreira, also saying that "receiving the medal is a sign that Flavienses (native people of Chaves) are aware of what is happening in the world of scientific research. I hope that this award will further encourage Flavienses to reach levels of excellence in their lives and careers.

Our congratulations to João and the entire team for this distinction. Know more about this work here.

João Vasco Oliveira Ferreira
Post Doctoral Researcher

Proteostasis and Intercellular Communication

Paulo Pereira