NMS Research Projects financed at CHRC Summit

Of the eight awards for Research Projects at the research unit's meeting, four were awarded to researchers from NOVA Medical School.

The third CHRC Annual Summit took place on November 3rd and 4th at NOVA Medical School's MMM Auditorium in Lisbon. It welcomed all NMS partners of this research unit, including NOVA's National School of Public Health, University of Évora, Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health and Hospital de Santo Espírito on Terceira Island.

During the event, eight prizes of €20,000 were awarded to all partners in order to finance research projects in the field of clinical, epidemiological and translational research.

The four winning NOVA Medical School projects were:

  • The COGCARE Project - Cognitive Disorders and Impact on Caregivers – P.I – Manuel Gonçalves Pereira

    Researchers: Manuel Gonçalves Pereira, Ana Margarida Cardoso, Conceição Balsinha, Teresa Alves Reis, Sónia Dias, Maria João Marques, Paula Broeiro, Bárbara Pedrosa, Ana Papoila, Ana Verdelho, Emiliano Albanese, Sofia Madureira.

  • Multimorbidity in Primary healthcare: developing an intervention to support patients and primary healthcare clinicians to better manage complex multimorbidity – P.I – Bruno Heleno;

    Researchers: Bruno Heleno, Luís Velez Lapão, Mariana Peyroteo, Ana Maria, Lara Guedes de Pinho, Mélanie Maia, Margarida Gil Conde.

  • Advancing Digital Health Behavior Change Precision: Development of a framework of personalization of behavior change techniques – P.I – Marta Moreira Marques;

    Researchers: Marta Moreira Marques, Ana Rodrigues, Nuno Mendonça, Sónia Dias.

  • Improving physical function in older adults: exploring the interaction between protein intake and physical activity – P.I - Nuno Mendonça

    Researchers: Nuno Mendonça, Armando Raimundo, Marta Marques, Ana Rodrigues, Ana Rita Henriques, David Lopes, Maria Valada.

Learn more about the event here.

Manuel Gonçalves Pereira
Bruno Heleno
Marta Moreira Marques
Co-PI EpiDoc, PhD
Nuno Mendonça
Post-Doc Researcher, PhD