NMS collaborates with NOVA SBE on new Open & User Innovation Knowledge Center

The Patient Innovation platform, and its Executive Director Maria João Jacinto of NOVA Medical School, will have their research activities concentrated in this Knowledge Center.



The Nova SBE Open & User Innovation Knowledge Center aims to be dedicated to the development and production of multidisciplinary scientific knowledge on innovation management, and more specifically on open and user innovation and user entrepreneurship, developed in partnership with Copenhagen Business School and NOVA Medical School.

This integration of the Patient Innovation digital platform will enhance “greater facilitation of resources, namely the close collaboration with the NOVA SBE Innovation Ecosystem and NOVA SBE Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute, which will make it possible to establish partnerships with companies with the aim of collaboratively innovating and developing solutions with a concrete social and economic impact”, says Maria João Jacinto, Executive Director of Patient Innovation and Post Doctoral Researcher in the EpiDoc group.

The Knowledge Center's first major event, between August 29 and September 2, will be part of the Patient Innovation Bootcamp 2022, which will also have sessions in Copenhagen and Barcelona. This Bootcamp is an acceleration program aimed at supporting patients, informal caregivers and collaborators to implement and scale up the innovative solutions they developed to help them cope with a need imposed by their health condition. Maria João Jacinto also says that this collaboration with NOVA SBE allows the “facilitation of the development of start-ups that participate in the Patient Innovation Bootcamp”.

Patient Innovation is an online platform where patients and caregivers around the world connect to share the solutions they developed themselves or had the help from collaborators to cope with a health-related problem.

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