NMS hosts excellence in clinical research at CHRC Summit

The annual meeting of the Comprehensive Health Research Center (CHRC) researchers took place over two days with several invited speakers.



The third CHRC Annual Summit took place on November 3rd and 4th at NOVA Medical School's Auditório MMM, Lisbon. It welcomed all the NMS partners of this research unit, including NOVA's Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública da NOVA, University of Évora, Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health and Hospital de Santo Espírito da Ilha Terceira.

The event held two days of sharing of scientific knowledge from clinical practice and translational research, with the aim of promoting collaboration between partners and guests and more effectively reaching possible solutions applicable in public health policies.

“The CHRC Summit is the ultimate meeting point where researchers, students, health professionals and academics meet in order to share their experiences and projects”, says Helena Canhão, CHRC coordinator and Director of NOVA Medical School, who also presented the opening speech.

Between presentations by PhD students, dissemination of results from projects funded at the CHRC and awarding of prizes for projects within the research unit, five Hot Topic lectures took place, where topics of interest to all researchers were discussed.

On the first day, Nick Stergiou, from the University of Nebraska, presented his work in applying knowledge from human biomechanics to technological solutions that change the lives of patients. Pedro Oliveira, Director of NOVA SBE, showed some of the innovative solutions promoted by patients from the Patient Innovation project – resulting from the partnership with NOVA Medical School. Joana Lobo Antunes, science communicator and Head of Communication at Instituto Superior Técnico, urged researchers to share their science more and more and in clearer and more public-directed ways.

On the second day, Susan Michie and Robert West, from University College in London, showed the challenges in implementing research and scientific evidence in public health policies. Finally, Jeremy Grimshaw from the University of Ottawa spoke about the translation of scientific knowledge and implementation science.

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