NMS renews partnership with Cities Changing Diabetes

The initiative aims to promote understanding of the impact of urban life on citizens' health for the prevention of diabetes.


Helena Canhão, Dean of NOVA Medical School, signed the Urban Diabetes Declaration on World Diabetes Day, reinforcing the partnership started in 2019 with this project to promote health in urban environments.

The official session took place in the Lisbon and featured several presentations by the partners, including João Filipe Raposo, Professor and researcher at NOVA Medical School and Clinical Director of Associação Protetora dos Diabéticos de Portugal (APDP), also a signatory of this initiative.

Results of the project already ongoing in the Parish of Ajuda, with Foodscape Ajuda, were presented and promote Lisbon as a case study for other cities. This will contribute to better health and greater physical and social well-being of urban populations and the ability to respond to the challenge that diabetes and obesity pose to cities.

The protocol had two new subscribers: Associação Locals and Associação Portuguesa Contra a Obesidade Infantil (APCOI), which join the other partners, which also include the Lisbon City Council, the Regional Health Administration of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo, NOVA Medical School and Novo Nordisk Portugal and Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.

The official session, presented by journalist Fernanda Freitas, was also attended by the Vice Dean for Community Extension, Conceição Calhau, and the Vice Dean for Research at NOVA Medical School, Patrícia Calado.

Learn more about Cities Changing Diabetes Lisbon.

Helena Canhão
João Filipe Raposo
Co-PI, Medical Scientist
Conceição Calhau
Vice-Dean for Community Extension
Patrícia Calado
Vice-Dean for Research