Researchers from the NOVA Medical School among the most cited worldwide


Three researchers and professors from our school, Miguel Seabra, João Conde and Winchil Vaz, are among the most cited worldwide, ranking in the top 2% according to Stanford University

The recent update of "World's Top 2% Scientists Ranking" recognizes the world's most cited researchers in 22 scientific fields and 174 sub-areas, taking into account the influence and impact of academic research, as indicated by citations in the Scopus database. This list is divided into two categories: one related to each researcher's entire career and another focusing on their work in the previous year, in this case, referring to 2022.

Remarkably, Miguel Seabra and João Conde are included in both the list measuring their career-long impact and the one accounting for the last year, while Winchil Vaz is recognized in the career list. Their inclusion in these prestigious rankings demonstrates the exceptional quality of their scientific work and the recognition of their contributions by peers in their respective research areas.

Regarding this distiction, Miguel Seabra emphasizes that "This recognition reflects a high level of expertise and influence in biomecial field. Moreover, it serves as proof of peer recognition in the global academic community, placing me and my team in the world league of impactful researchers." As for João Conde being listed in the Stanford University ranking of the 2% most cited researchers worldwide is a profound recognition of the dedication and contributions to his field. João Conde adds "This acknowledgment not only underscores the influence and impact of my research but also inspires me to continue pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. More than a personal achievement, it underscores the collaborative spirit of the scientific community I am a part of and the collective endeavor to drive progress. As I move forward, this recognition serves as both an affirmation and a motivation — an affirmation of the paths I have tread and a motivation to chart new territories in the quest for understanding and discovery."


Noteworthy is the growth in results for NOVA, with around 8% of the total national scientists being highlighted in both lists from its various Schools, showcasing the global influence and contribution of their work.

Miguel Seabra
Principal Investigator
João Conde
Deputy Director for Research
Winchil Vaz
Senior Scientist