Researcher from Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health wins FLAD Science Award Mental Health

Manuela Silva, researcher at the Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health, from CHRC, is the winner of the 2nd edition FLAD Science Award Mental Health, the largest award in the area of Mental Health in Portugal, to develop an innovative psychological intervention project for people with severe mental illness in the post-hospitalization.


With the project entitled "Effectiveness of the Critical Time Intervention-Task Shifting (CTI-TS) model for persons with serious mental illness discharged from inpatient psychiatric treatment facilities in Portugal", the psychiatrist and researcher Manuela Silva will conduct a randomized, controlled trial in three psychiatric services in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area to evaluate the effectiveness, feasibility and implementation of the CTI-TS model (a recovery-oriented based model) aimed at people with severe mental illness in the post-hospitalization period (CTI-TS model).

The participants allocated to the intervention group will receive the support to identify barriers to their recovery and to develop a sustainable plan to engage in and use community supports and resources during and after CTI-TS.

This prize of 300 thousand euros, from Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD), will allow the researcher to enhance continuity of care in the period following hospital discharge, a high risk period of of treatment dropout, with the broader objective of strengthening community care and promoting recovery and human rights.


More info regarding FLAD Science Award Mental Health here.