NMS Research awarded with five distinctions from the Portuguese Society of Diabetology

The prizes and distinctions were awarded during the 19th Portuguese Diabetes Congress.

Last Saturday, March 18, the results of the Portuguese Society of Diabetology (SPD) awards and grants were announced. The announcement was done during the 19th Portuguese Diabetes Congress, which took place between March 16 and 18 in Vilamoura. 

Researchers from NOVA Medical School received 5 SPD awards and grants, including 1 honorable mention.

Principal Investigator Hugo Vicente Miranda won the Pedro Eurico Lisboa Prize for publishing research linking Parkinson's disease and diabetes and said: "It is with great honor, satisfaction and gratitude that I see the most recent work of my group recognized by the SPD. Receiving the prize for the best article in the area of ​​Diabetology means that our effort, dedication and delivery are important for building a healthier future for all patients with Diabetes and also for Parkinson's patients"  .

Senior researcher Rita Patarrão also received the honorable mention of the Pedro Eurico Lisboa Award for her group's work where they "show that genetic polymorphisms of DPP4 are involved in the control of glucose excursions and the subsequent response to C-peptide release, through mechanisms of glucose detection that are altered in pre-diabetes ". The same researcher was awarded the Almeida Ruas Scholarship which, according to her, will allow "to assess, in postmenopausal women. the circulating levels of incretins and their relevance in the development of obesity and hepatic steatosis ". 

In the remaining scholarships, researcher and doctoral student Adriana Capucho won the José Luís Medina Scholarship and said that " winning this award was very rewarding and a recognition of the work we have been developing. It is also a great personal accomplishment, and a great motivation to continue ".

Finally, senior researcher Rita de Oliveira was one of the recipients of the GIFT grant: "This type of awards is fundamental for the development of emerging projects based on innovative ideas, often seen as risky, but which end up bringing about great scientific developments. Furthermore, the proposed project is a translational project and, as such, we hope to be able to contribute to improving the quality of life of all individuals with obesity and/or diabetes in the future", said the researcher.

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In addition to a presentation at the symposium, another ten communications were made during the Congress, by members of the groups led by the main researchers Sílvia Conde, Paula Macedo and Hugo Vicente Miranda). 

You can consult below the prizes awarded to NMS and the complete list on the SPD page :

  • Pedro Eurico Lisboa SPD

    Hugo Vicente Miranda Award for the publication of the work entitled: "Glycation modulates glutamatergic signaling and exacerbates Parkinson's disease-like phenotypes". 

    Coauthors: Ana Chegão, Mariana Guarda, Bruno Alexandre, Liana Shvachiy, Mariana Temido-Ferreira, Inês Marques-Morgado, Bárbara Fernandes Gomes, Rune Matthiesen, Luísa Lopes, Pedro Florindo, Ricardo Gomes, Patrícia Gomes-Alves, Joana Coelho and Tiago Fleming Hill.
  • Honorable Mention Pedro Eurico Lisboa / SPD

    Rita S. Patarrão for the publication of the work with the title: "Prediabetes blunts DPP4 genetic control of postprandial glycaemia and insulin secretion".

    Coauthors: Nádia Duarte, Inês Coelho, Joey Ward, Rogério Ribeiro, Maria João Meneses, Rita Andrade, João Costa, Isabel Correia, José Manuel Boavida, Rui Duarte, Luís Gardete-Correia, José Luís Medina, Jill Pell, John Petrie, João Raposo, Maria Paula Macedo and Carlos Penha-Gonçalves.  

  • José Luís Medina / SPD Scholarship - Lilly

    Adriana Capucho for the research project in the area of ​​Neurosciences with the title: "Modulation of carotid body activity as a therapeutic strategy in the prevention of cognitive decline".

    Coauthors: Inês Almeida, Joana F. Sacramento, Fátima O. Martins, Hugo Vicente Miranda, Sílvia Vilares Conde and Rosalina Fonseca.  

  • Almeida Ruas Scholarship - SPD

    Rita S. Patarrão for the project in the Clinical Research area entitled: "Circulating levels of incretins in postmenopausal women: implications for dysglycemia and dysmetabolism".

    Coauthors: Maria João Meneses, Akiko Teshima, Luís Gardete-Correia  

  • SPD GIFT Scholarship

    Rita Machado de Oliveira and José Silva Nunes for the collaborative project with GEPREDIA in the areas of fundamental and translational research entitled Diabetes-obesity interplay through Extracellular Vesicles: Omics Portrait upon Fecal Transplantation.

    Coauthors: Akiko Teshima and Bruno Costa-Silva
Hugo Vicente Miranda
Principal Investigator
Rita Patarrão
Assistant Professor
Adriana Capucho
PhD Student
Rita Machado de Oliveira
Sílvia Vilares Conde
Principal Investigator
Maria Paula Macedo
Principal Investigator (PI)