Ana Faria and her group at NOVA Medical School will focus on evaluating health effects of new wheat products


Ana Faria


As part of the groundbreaking WHEATBIOME project, spearheaded at NOVA Medical School (NMS) by Ana Faria and Conceição Calhau, will play a vital role in contributing to the knowledge of the wheat microbiome and advancing sustainable wheat production systems. With a focus on the entire wheat production-to-consumption cycle, NMS will specifically evaluate the health effects of novel wheat products, aiming to enhance nutritional quality and promote more appealing crops.

Ana Faria highlighted the research focus of NMS and how it aligns with the project's objectives. Faria stated, "one of our research aims at NMS has been the effect of modifiable factors, such as diet, on the modulation of the microbiota and the impact on health, and this project is perfectly integrated in this line of investigation."

Ana Faria further explained the significance of the collaboration, stating, "It will contribute to exploring the safety of the interaction between food and the human microbiota, exploring the changing composition and function of the microbiota and its impact on parameters such as inflammation. It will make it possible to perceive the potential for intervention from cereal production to the creation of more nutritious, environmental foods with a positive impact on human health."

The collaboration between NMS and the WHEATBIOME project underscores the importance of sustainable and health-conscious food production. By leveraging the expertise of NMS in studying the impact of diet and microbiota on health, the project aims to deepen our understanding of the complex relationship between wheat, the human body, and sustainable food systems.

The WHEATBIOME project, a 48-month Research Innovation Action funded by the Research Executive Agency (REA), comprises a consortium of 13 partners from six European countries and is coordinated by Universidade do Porto and Universidad de Vigo. With NOVA Medical School's involvement, along with its esteemed research partners, the project is poised to drive significant advancements in sustainable wheat production and contribute to the development of healthier food options.


WHEATBIOME Consortium:

Universidade do Porto (Portugal)

Universidad de Vigo (Spain)

Universitat de Valencia (Spain)

Instytut Biotechnologii Przemyslu Rolno-Spozywczego IBPRS (Poland)

Contactica S.L (Spain)

Stichting Wageningen Research (The Netherlands)

Szkola Glowna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego (Poland)

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (Portugal)

Editorial Agricola Española SA (Spain)

UAB ART21 (Lithuania)

ISANATUR Spain SL (Spain)

Allatorvostudomanyi Egyetem (Hungary)

Conceição Calhau

Metabolism and Nutrition

Conceição Calhau