Estoril Conferences 2023 | Save the date


The Estoril Conferences will return to Nova SBE's Carcavelos campus in 2023 and, starting this year, in an annual format. Managed by Nova SBE and co-organized by NOVA Medical School, this event is once again supported by the Municipality of Cascais and Turismo de Portugal as co-hosts. The first day of the event (September 1st) is dedicated to the most comprehensive themes (Planet, Peace and Policies), being reserved for the second day (September 2nd) the themes of Health and People.

The main goal of the Estoril Conferences is to foster the participation of high-level world leaders from the social, economic, political and health spheres, as well as social activists and the younger generations, in an inspiring dialogue to lead to action and create effective changes towards a more just, equitable, sustainable and inclusive future. This year, under the theme Rehumanize the World: Planet, People, Peace, Policies and People/Health, the conferences propose a reflection on what we are doing for others to change our planet.

What are we doing for People, Planet, Peace, Health and New Policies? How can we help Rehumanize our planet? How can we be more active and effective in finding solutions? What is our responsibility to the younger generations? How can we work together to bring about this change? are some of the questions that will be addressed in the reflection that intends to involve civil society, politicians, world leaders and, above all, the younger generations in an inspiring debate that promotes action.

Join us on September 1st and 2nd!