NOVA Medical School's World Diabetes Day Commemorative Session


World Diabetes Day will be celebrated nationwide with open discussions taking place in five Portuguese cities during the week that marks this event. In Lisbon, the event is organized by NOVA Medical School in collaboration with the Translational and Fundamental Research Group of the Portuguese Society of Diabetology and will take place on November 15th at the Biblioteca Arquitecto Cosmelli Sant’Anna. It will involve the participation of scientists, medical doctors, nutritionists, sports professionals, and diabetes patients in a session directed towards society, promising to facilitate the exchange of ideas.

The discussion, with diabetes as its central theme, aims to contribute to the increase in scientific literacy about diabetes, discuss recent advances in science in this field, bringing science closer to society in an informal and relaxed environment.

In this conversation, various topics related to the origins of different types of diabetes, lifestyle modifications for disease prevention, treatment, and current scientific research in this area will be addressed based on the professional experience of the various speakers. The session will be moderated by Maria Serrano, NMS Science Communication Coordinator, and will feature the following specialists:

"Dia Mundial da Diabetes - Sessão de Divulgação" that will take place at Biblioteca Arquitecto Cosmelli Sant’Anna, from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM, is an open event with free participation.

The other commemorative sessions for World Diabetes Day in Portugal will occur in Oporto, Leiria, Coimbra, and Vila Real.

All sessions are supported by the Fundamental and Translational Research Group (GIFT) of the Portuguese Society of Diabetology, and the one in Lisbon is supported by the Architect Cosmelli Sant'Anna Library.