CorEuStem Symposium


The Standardising Stem Cell Core Facilities in Europe – a CorEuStem Symposium will take place at Champalimaud Foundation, co-organized with NMS, from 27th to 28th April 2023.


The meeting will gather experts from the different core facilities in Europe and will cover the latest advances in human stem cells and gene editing technologies. It is expected the attendance of more than 60 participants members from CorEuStem COST Action from the 32 different countries.

The two-day meeting will focus on major aspects of stem cell banking, genome editing, stem cell differentiation, and quality control. 

On the first day, talks from CorEuStem members and invited speakers from different core facilities worldwide will occur, as well as poster sessions to nourish fruitful discussions among all attendees. The presence of Dr. Shinsuke Yoshida (Japan), Dr. Bjorn Holst (Denmark), Dr. Glyn Stacey (UK), and Dr. Andreas Kurtz (Germany) are already confirmed as invited speakers.

On the second day, presentations and round-table discussions with representatives of COREdinates (consortium of human pluripotent stem cell cores) will take place, setting the course for the upcoming years of CorEuStem COST Action deliverables and activities.

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Local Organisation

  • Ana-Catarina Certal, Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon – Portugal
  • Inês Figueira, NOVA Medical School, Lisbon – Portugal