4th CHRC Annual Summit



The fourth CHRC Annual Summit is scheduled for the 25th and 26th of May 2023 and this time it will be hosted by the University of Évora at the historic Palácio D. Manuel in the heart of the historic center of the city of Évora.



The theme of this edition will be focused on the great achievements of CHRC and there will be an opportunity to discuss the projection of the future for this centre.

“CHRC completed its 3rd year of existence and the work carried out and the results achieved are reasons for great joy and pride. But there’s still challenges ahead and we are, at this stage, also building the vision of the future of CHRC. This is the motto for the new edition of the CHRC Summit: to celebrate what we have built and project the future.  On the 25th and 26th of May 2023, we will be happy to meet in person for the 4th CHRC Annual Summit in Évora, at the beautiful and historic Palácio D. Manuel. These events are an extraordinary opportunity to meet, debate ideas, present projects, develop ties and affirm the CHRC Research Unit as a community of excellence.” – wrote the CHRC coordinator, Helena Canhão, in a welcome message addressed to all members of this Research Unit.


More information on the CHRC Annual Summit website.