NOVA Medical School organizes conference on challenges and opportunities in the future of health


On June 26, NOVA Medical School hosted the conference "NEW health era: challenges and opportunities". In this debate, the importance of forward-looking medical schools in the ecosystem of health challenges was analyzed and discussed.

The round table was attended by Laurinda Alves, Professor at Nova SBE; Luís Pisco, GP and Chairman of the Board of ARSLVT; and Pedro Pita Barros, Professor at the New University of Lisbon, and was moderated by Luís de Sousa, TV presenter, program "Clinical Stories", certified trainer in communication and business leadership. 

At the NMS Nutrition Graduation the 16 finalists of the Nutrition Sciences graduation were given the opportunity to present their best solutions for key problems in the area of Health, to potential employers present at the event. 

The winning group of the Best Pitch Award received as a prize the registration in two Webinars and in the Symposium of the Portuguese Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, and the Best Student Award 2019-2023, was given to the student Inês Neto Moreira, which consists in an internship at the CUF Hospital. 

The degree in Nutrition Sciences at NOVA Medical School has a group of teachers and researchers with national and international recognition. It is a course that is focused on the development of articulated teaching with partner institutions that allow practical classes in a real work environment, such as public and private hospitals with Clinical Nutrition practice. Throughout the four years of training, students also undergo clinical and research internships abroad. 

Being a course taught in a medical school, where articulation and interdisciplinarity are part of the teaching methodology developed, the degree in Nutritional Sciences at NOVA Medical School prepares all its students in a very structured way, also giving them a strong research component, which is increasingly valued in the labor market.