NOVA Medical School highlighted by the European Animal Research Association


NOVA Medical School was one of the big supporters of the Be Open About Research Day (#BOARD23), that took place on June 15th and was promoted by the European Animal Research Association (EARA).

#BOARD23 is a global, 24-hour social media campaign that celebrates openness by biomedical institutions in communicating animal research. Over 1,000 biomedical institutions from all over the world participated in the social media campaign #BOARD23, with 158 partner institutions from 32 countries supporting the initiative. Additionally, 45 partner institutions, including individual scientists, contributed case studies, videos, and statements.

NMS was one of the institutions sharing exclusive content during that day was recently highlighted on the latest EARA Weekly Newsletter, which reaches over 4000 subscribers, and the EARA website itself as an example of success of the initiative.

NMS produced a Q&A with its Science Communication team, highlighting the importance of conveying information regarding research with animal models, as well as a brand-new case study from principal investigator Sandra Tenreiro, that explains about how they reduce and refine the use of animal models in their research lab regarding ageing with retina organoids and other alternative methods. Ana Isabel Santos, Chair of EARA Board and Professor at NMS, also spoke about the advancements made regarding the Transparency Agreements and the challenges for the near future.

Check the videos below.



Ana Isabel Moura Santos
Presidente do Orgão Responsável pelo Bem Estar dos Animais da NMS (ORBEA)
Sandra Tenreiro
Principal Investigator
Maria Serrano Correia
Science Communication Coordinator
Nuno Miguel Gonçalves
Science Communication