NOVA Medical School and health take center stage at the Estoril Conferences 2023


For the first time, NOVA Medical School (NMS) organized the Estoril Conferences in partnership with NOVA School of Business and Economics, an event that brought together some of the world's foremost experts on September 1st and 2nd to discuss cross-cutting topics for the future.

Under the theme "Re-humanizing the future," the 2023 edition of these conferences once again served as a forum for dialogue, sharing, and reflection in key areas such as the Planet, People, Health, Peace, and global Policy. It was an intense event with a full house, attended by leaders, academics, entrepreneurs, artists, and youth.

In her opening speech, Helena Canhão, Dean of NOVA Medical School, emphasized that today's challenges require global collaboration, and together we can and must create a healthier world for everyone. 

On the second day of the event, the 5th edition of the Patient Innovation Awards, took place, honoring patients, caregivers, and collaborators who have found solutions to address the challenges of various health conditions in the categories of Patient Innovator, Caregiver Innovator, and Collaborator Innovator.

When asked about the conclusions that can be drawn from this event, Helena Canhão said in an interview with Observador, "I am convinced that very important ideas have emerged from here, but what I would highlight the most is the call to action, the imperative to act. Issues related to inequalities, poverty that can take various forms: lack of access to education, lack of access to healthcare, the need to connect more with each other and listen to each other." (complete interview in portuguese here: As “receitas” das Conferências do Estoril para um mundo melhor – Observador)

The Estoril Conferences provided a valuable opportunity for NOVA Medical School to position itself at the forefront of the global debate on the importance of integrating health issues into the design, strategy, and development of a sustainable future.


For more information about the Estoril Conferences 2023, please visit the official event website at or check the news (in portuguese): Observador, NewsFarma, Diário de Notícias, Sapo 24 and Médico News.