CUF D. Manuel de Mello Scholarship to award 100,000 euros for clinical research

Largest national scholarship for young doctors opens for applications

CUF, through the CUF Academic Center, and the Amélia de Mello Foundation are today launching the application process for the CUF D. Manuel de Mello Scholarship, aimed at young doctors with doctorates from the Research and Development Units of Portuguese Faculties of Medicine to fund their clinical research projects. The CUF D. Manuel de Mello Scholarship, the largest national incentive prize for young medical researchers, will award 100,000 euros to a medical researcher from the 2023 edition onwards, a support for research that has seen its value double since the last award of the scholarship in 2022.

Investment in teaching and cooperation with university institutions not only makes it possible to increase medical knowledge, but also to encourage clinical research that seeks to find advances in different fields of health on a daily basis, always with the aim of developing and applying better clinical practices at the service of patients. Initiatives such as the CUF D. Manuel de Mello Scholarship are therefore fundamental to guaranteeing the scientific community the necessary conditions for the proper development of its activity and, at the same time, to value and distinguish the merit of Portuguese researchers and their work, where everyone has the same purpose: to contribute to the continuous improvement of healthcare.

Applications for the CUF D. Manuel de Mello Scholarship are open until September 29 and the jury's decision will be announced by December 22, 2023.
The CUF D. Manuel de Mello Scholarship has been running for 16 years and has honored research projects into diseases such as lupus, Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and tuberculosis, among other medical areas.
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