NOVA Medical School co-organizes conference "Teaching Medicine in Change"

The teaching of medicine was discussed at a conference held as part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of NOVA University Lisbon.

The teaching of medicine was discussed at an event organized by NOVA University's three schools dedicated to the various aspects of health: NOVA Medical School, the National School of Public Health and the Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

The event, part of NOVA University Lisbon's 50th anniversary celebrations, featured several renowned speakers in the field of health and medical education, including the former Ministers of Health, Adalberto Campos Fernandes and Fernando Leal da Costa, and the President of the Portuguese Medical Association was also represented.

Great emphasis was placed on the discussion period of each of the panels where the issue of Medical Education in Change was debated, at a time when current trends and challenges in this area are being discussed What doctors do we want in the future? What skills do we want in tomorrow's professionals? Is medical education adapted to the new demands? These were some of the issues debated at the conference, which brought together a diverse audience linked to medical education in our country throughout the day.

It was also possible to attend the plenary lecture by Professor Luís Sambo, current President of the Accreditation Committee of the World Federation for Medical Education, who spoke to us about preparing doctors for the global challenges of health.

We'll have more news on this subject soon.