NOVA Medical School celebrates 50 years of the first medical course with a large gathering of alumni


This Sunday, NOVA Medical School organized a lunch to mark the 50th anniversary of the Faculty's first medical course, bringing together more than 260 alumni in a memorable event.

The event began with a warm welcome for the alumni, full of moments of nostalgia and emotion, with warm hugs and reunions that transcend decades.

After lunch, they made their way to the large auditorium, where they experienced various moments during their course 50 years ago, where they were welcomed by the director of NOVA Medical School, Professor Helena Canhão, and by the Deputy Director for Teaching and President of the Pedagogical Council, Professor Nuno Neuparth, who was also a former student in 1973. The deputy director gave an emotional speech, recalling former students and the significant milestones of those years. During his presentation, under the theme "From the Past to the Future of NOVA Medical School", the Deputy Dean addressed recent advances, curricular innovations and prospects for the coming years, namely the new Carcavelos Campus, emphasizing the Faculty's ongoing commitment to excellence in medical education and research.

The event reached its climax when fado singer Kátia Guerreiro and musician José Themudo Barata, two illustrious Alumni of the Faculty, accompanied by Fernando Heleno and Paulo Rosado, presented the guests with an incredible musical moment, where the emotional voice of the fado singer and the Portuguese guitar impressed everyone present.

At the end of the event, the alumni expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues, relive memories and strengthen the ties that bind them to NOVA Medical School. The historic gathering not only celebrated the School's past, but also inspired hope and enthusiasm for the future generations of doctors who will follow in the footsteps of these remarkable professionals who graduated from our School.