NOVA Medical School promove envelhecimento saudável na Academia Sénior de Arroios

On November 9th, NOVA Medical School visited the Clodomiro Alvarenga Library to give a special class to the students of the Arroios Senior Academy, an initiative of the Arroios Parish Council.

The class was taught by Prof. Dr. Ana Rodrigues, Rheumatologist and Professor at NOVA Medical School, and Physiotherapist Alexandre Moniz, researcher at NMS and the Comprehensive Health Research Center (CHRC). The topic chosen for this session was falls, which significantly affect the elderly population worldwide. The discussion delved into various dimensions of this issue, covering its causes and consequences, and placing particular emphasis on prevention.

The moments of open discussion promoted an excellent sharing of ideas. Participants had their doubts addressed by the speakers and, at the same time, researchers received valuable validation on several fronts, including the growing adoption of new technologies by the elderly and issues related to the quality of communication between health professionals and users.

This event highlights the continued dedication of NOVA Medical School and Lisbon_AHA (Reference Center for Active and Healthy Aging) to promoting healthy aging, and highlights the good results resulting from the close collaboration between partners.

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