NOVA Medical School trains NOVA SBE students


NOVA Medical School welcomes 19 students from the Health Innovation specialization of NOVA SBE's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Master's Degree 2023-2024, who now have NOVA Medical School as their second home. These students will have theoretical training with the lecturers - Medicine 4.0, and Nutrition or Ageing - but also practical training through the guidance of their master's projects. 

This is an innovative initiative that aims to train young adults from all over the world in innovation and entrepreneurship in the health sector by giving them the skills of business, regulatory and health knowledge. This is a pilot project - HealthEConnect - funded by the European Commission and with partners NOVA SBE, NOVA Medical School, Copenhagen Business School, Patient Innovation, Startup Europe Regions Network and the BioInnovation Institute in Denmark. 

In this collaborative master's degree, students have access to a diverse set of skills from various areas such as innovation for social impact and entrepreneurial sciences, different real-world perspectives, an interdisciplinary approach, personalized expertise, opportunities for collaboration and a solid entrepreneurial foundation. At the end of this master's degree, students will be able to tackle critical challenges and make a significant difference in the field of health and well-being. In a broader view of the project, the aim is to cultivate lasting collaboration between the health innovation ecosystems in Portugal and Denmark, capitalizing on best practices and sustaining resource flows between members of the ecosystem.