New research led by Helena Soares studies COVID-19 immunity in breast milk

A brand new study regarding the transference of COVID-19 immunity from breast milk to newborns was just published in Cell Reports Medicine, led by Helena Soares lab, Immunobiology and Pathogenesis, along with partners in ITQB NOVA and IGC.


Helena Soares and Juliana Gonçalves, first author of the Cell article

One of the main results from this research was that COVID-19 vaccination induced both antibody production by the mammary mucosa and a higher frequency of memory B cells in lactating women. Neutralizing antibodies accumulation in breastmilk could also neutralize the spike protein from SARS-CoV-2 and prevent further infection.

Helena talked to Público about it and the report was published both online and in the Saturday paper edition of the newspaper: "The concentration of neutralizing antibodies in breast milk is very low, but we assume that feedings will lead to an accumulation of neutralizing antibodies" said Helena.

The original study is published in Cell Reports Medicine, titled "Secretory IgA and T cells targeting SARS-CoV-2 spike protein are transferred to the breastmilk upon mRNA vaccination" is available here.

You can also watch Helena talk to RTP1 about this study, during Sunday's primetime Telejornal!