Vaccination Open House - University Communities

UPDATE: It is still possible to get a digital password for the vaccination in Open House regime.


Users who have not had COVID-19 in the last 150 days and have completed the vaccination schedule for at least 150 days are eligible for the booster dose in the “Open House” regimen.

To be vaccinated, just go directly to the vaccination center or the health center.

Important note: the request for a digital password, in the “Open House” mode, is for the exclusive use of:

  • Users to be vaccinated with the booster dose against COVID-19, namely:
  • Professionals from the School Community and social responses in childhood;
  • Professionals in the context of Home for Children and Youth (LIJ), Temporary Shelter Center (CAT), Occupational Activity Center (CAO)
  • Professionals from the Public Security Police (PSP), National Republican Guard (GNR) and Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF);
  • University Community (Teaching Structure and Support);
  • People with comorbidities, eligible for this phase of vaccination, with a medical certificate.

(These professionals must provide proof of their professional activity at the time of vaccination)

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