Have you had a COVID-19 diagnostic test? Participate in the OSCAR project!

Project partners include NOVA Medical School, CHRC, NOS Innovation, Fraunhofer Portugal and Polytechnic University of Madrid


The OSCAR Project - vOice Screening of CoronA virRus - is developed by an interdisciplinary consortium that unites medicine and technological innovation and aims to develop an algorithm that identifies suspect cases of COVID-19 through vocal sounds.

The study has now entered phase 2 and is recruiting volunteers!

To participate, you just need to be of legal age, speak Portuguese and have done a COVID-19 Diagnostic Test by PCR or Rapid Antigen Test, carried out by any professional or health entity.

If you are a participant:

  1. Access the project platform through the link https://covid19.oscar-tech.pt
  2. Sign the informed consent online.
  3.  Answer brief questions about your personal situation.
  4. Make simple vocalizations to your cell phone or computer, using the microphone of the device you use.

Your participation in this study lasts approximately 5 minutes.

Participate and help develop this innovative project to detect COVID-19 by voice!